The trip duration is 1 hour

Nida – The Great Dune – Nida

Sailing by the yacht along this route allows you to admire the unique nature of the Curonian Spit and one of the most remarkable dunes – the Great Dune (or the Gliders’ Dune), which had been the highest dune on the Curonian Spit for a long time. Its height was 70 meters, today – just 50 meters. To preserve this natural wonder, it was forbidden to walk along it, so, the only opportunity is to watch it from the water. We will also reach the borderline of the EU and Russia (Kaliningrad Region), admire the panorama of Nida from the Bay! The area of Grobštas Nature Reserve is 183 ha. It is situated between the Parnidis Landscape Reserve and the state border with Russia. There is found the sea eagle, listed in the Red Book of Lithuania – one of the rarest birds the wingspan width of which can reach 2.5 metres.
Watch the sunset while sailing along the coast of Nida, the Parnidis and Grand Dunes.

The ship price is 90 EUR.
The trip price is 20 EUR per person.

During the voyage, each passenger shall be served exotic Indian delicacies made by monks. We will perform a short meditation using Tibetan singing bowls alongside the Great Dune (Gliders’ Dune).